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About Us

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It's taken us several years to finally come to a place where we felt we could share our story in this form.

If you know us, then you know we have been willing to talk about our babies any chance we can, but to write it down can be a different experience. It isn’t in the moment, it isn’t with others, it’s time alone with our memories.

For me (Josh), it felt like every time I was ready to write something down, we would get pregnant again, or go through another loss, putting a stop to my desire to relive our experiences in writing.

It is our desire that through this site, we can share our struggles and the hope that has sustained us. Not because we are strong, or know the right things to say or do, but because in our brokenness God has given us a desire to see His name lifted up.

Popular posts from this blog

JT B-day 2015

If you had asked me at the end of my 15th year, what life would be like at the end of my 30th year, I would have given you an answer that would have paled in comparison to what reality has been. I have loved more, laughed more, cried more and hurt more than I ever could have thought was possible. It has taught me that I always underestimate how high the peaks God has in store for me are, and how low the valleys can get that he would guide me through. I have been given a great gift in loving family and friends. The most amazing wife in  Kristi Tisdale , and the greatest pleasure in my beautiful daughter Madison. This year also saw us gain, and in the same moment lose, our son Logan, and for that hour, I am eternally grateful. He reminds me every day that what we have here in front of us is momentary, and that our greatest joy is yet in the life to come. I pray that this next year God continues to open my eyes so that I could see how He is working for our greatest eternal good, e

Baby 1 - 6 Years

it's been 6 years since we said goodbye to our first baby, the one who made me a mommy. life hasn't been the same since and i'm thankful for the growth that has happened because of that. one of my favorites reminded me this week that it's not goodbye, just see you later! oh what joy in the difference of those phrases  💙 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙

Heartstrings Walk - 2016

we are so thankful for all of your support and prayers through each of our losses. we miss our babies terribly, but we will be reunited with them one day in heaven  💙  thank you, heartstrings, for helping us honor our babies and walk this journey with us. sending lots of love to all my fellow angel baby parents  💕